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3 Month Favorites for Baby

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*This post contains affiliate links.  This means that if you choose to use these links, I may get a small commission for connecting you to the source.  I only share links to products I love and use, and that I believe will benefit you.  Thanks for supporting my little growing nest.*


It’s that time–another favorites post!  I have to admit, when Avary turned 3 months old, everything started changing!  Developmentally she was doing so much more, she was more awake and alert, and I think the biggest change was that she finally wanted to play!  My list of favorites this month features a lot of items for an active, playful baby.

Bumbo.  We started putting Avary in her Bumbo seat when she turned 3 months old.  She had great head and neck control and always wanted to be sitting up so she could see what was going on.  I put her in the Bumbo under her play gym so she could grab her toys, on the bathroom floor while I showered, while I cooked dinner, outside while we had a picnic. . . I love our Bumbo, and I’m sure I will keep using it for awhile longer!


Infantino play gym.  I was so excited when I got to take out Avary’s Infantino play gym!  I couldn’t wait to watch her explore and enjoy her toys.  I loved this play mat because it was easy to set up, take down, and wash.  Also, I loved that it came in girly colors!  Avary would spend quite a bit of a time on this playmat batting at the toys.

Tula baby carrier.  I am a big advocate of babywearing, I just love it so much!  When Avary was a tiny newborn, I loved using my Moby wrap because she could be all snuggled up against me, and she loved falling asleep that way.  As she got to this age, she didn’t want to sleep anymore–she wanted to look around and see what was going on!  I borrowed a friend’s Tula (when I took a flight with Avary by myself) and fell in love!  So I purchased one of my own, and I couldn’t be happier!  I loved the support it provided, it never hurt my back, and Avary loved being able to see everything!  Not to mention, the come in the cutest prints!  I also purchased the newborn insert; because, without it, Avary sat too low in the carrier.  I don’t regret spending the extra money on the insert because even now at 5 months old, she is only around 14 pounds and it just provides her more support and lets her see better.


O Ball.  At 3 months old, Avary was still working on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, of course.  She always wanted to try to grasp and hold onto her toys.  We got her an O ball and she absolutely loved it! (still does)  The openings make it so easy for little, learning hands, and I could tell she felt so accomplished when she grabbed hold of it and could swing it around.  I actually think this toy helped develop her coordination to move on to grasping other things successfully.  I definitely recommend trying an O ball out–such an inexpensive toy that baby will love!


Bright Starts Lots of Links.  These were another one of Avary’s favorites.  We used these links all the time to entertain her.  We would strand several of them together and hang them from her carseat and it would entertain her the whole ride!  Most of the time she would fall asleep holding onto them (too cute!).  We also would use them to extend her toys hanging from her play gym to make them more in her grasp.  What else can I say?  They are cheap and loved!


Infantino Topsy Turvy Soft Foam Puzzle Mat.  Because we have hardwood floors, I knew I needed some kind of foam floor mat to cushion the area I was letting baby play.  These Infantino foam squares work perfect!  Avary rolls back and forth and does tummy time on them every day.  I think she likes how colorful they are, as well.


Lamaze Classic Discovery Book.  This crinkle book is seriously one of Avary’s must-haves!  It is a soft fabric book with crinkle pages, as well as a squeaky page and a rattle page.  It has lots of different fabrics and textures on it, and it is great for little, discovering hands!  I clip it on the carseat, take it in the diaper bag, put it on the bouncer–this little book really keeps Avary interested, engaged and happy!

These are the products that I loved during Avary’s third month of life.  What did you love, mommies??

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2 Month Favorites for Baby


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Since I previously did a post on my Newborn Essentials  for our baby girl, I decided I wanted to do a series of favorites for baby, featuring products I am loving every month!  I know that I love looking at what other people are loving for their babies during different ages and stages, so hopefully this can help you, mamas, too!

My 2 month baby favorites for Avary may be a little basic, but at this age, she still was in that newborn face of not doing much besides eating, sleeping, and. . . well, you know!  These are the products that we used the most.

  • Carter’s sleep gowns.  I can’t tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVED sleep gowns for Avary in those early months!  For one, they are so unbelievably cute and precious, but for late night diaper changes–they were essential.  I didn’t want to have to fumble around for snaps or unswaddle her all the way to change her diaper.  (We used the Halo sleep sacks I posted about in my Newborn Essentials, so you can just unzip from the bottom without unswaddling baby)  The gowns allowed me to just pull it up, change her diaper, and get back to sleep.  Carters always seems to have the cutest prints, as well.
  • Dr. Brown’s bottle & pacifier wipes.  I think every mom (especially new moms) are a bit like “germ-freaks” when it comes to a new baby.  For me, I obviously didn’t want my baby putting something dirty in her mouth, but no one has the time to steam sanitize all day long!  I loved, and still love, using the Dr. Brown’s bottle and paci wipes to sanitize.  They are made with all-natural, plant-based cleansing ingredients, like xylitol (keep away from your dog), and they come in a little wipe pouch so they are easy for on-the-go.  These came in handy when I flew with Avary when she was 8 weeks old.  I was by myself so I inevitably was going to drop something, and I wanted to be able to cleanse it easily.  If you are interested in my tips and tricks for flying with an infant, let me know in the comments down below!
  • Aveeno baby calming comfort bath & lotion.  I try to use as many natural products I can in our home and with our baby as I possibly can.  I love Aveeno’s products and I trust them on Avary’s delicate skin.  Once we got past that one month mark, I began realizing that I needed to get Avary into a routine–especially for bedtime.  Part of our bedtime routine is a bath and a massage with lotion.  I love that calming smell of lavender at nighttime, and I truly believe it helps Avary know it is time to relax and wind down.
  • Honest Co. diapers.  Because we want to use natural products on Avary and save a bit of money, we decided before she arrived that we were going to cloth diaper.  We bought her a stash of cloth diapers, and we love using them! (If you are interested in the products we use to cloth diaper, our setup, and routine, let me know in the comments!) We didn’t want to deal with cloth when we went out or overnight, though, so we were still in need of a good disposable diaper.  During her first month, we used some of the Pampers swaddlers–assuming they must be good because that is what the hospital uses!  However, Avary would break out in a rash from them almost every time!  We tried a variety of different brands until we finally settled on the Honest Company.  These diapers are so gentle on her bottom, they fit so well, and of course they have the cutest prints!  They were the perfect option for us, and we now use lots of their household or personal care items, as well.
  • Infantino go-gaga spiral car seat activity toy.  By 2 months, Avary was interested in looking at dangling toys and would try to touch them.  We bought her this Infantino toy and used it on her carseat, stroller, even her playmat, and she loved it!
  • Honest Co. soothing bottom wash.  Okay, let’s be honest–newborn poo is sticky and gross.  Breastfed baby poo is yucky, as well.  I love how durable the Honest Company wipes are, but I found they are not very wet and I like a little bit more moisture when I am wiping the baby’s bottom.  I want to know that she is getting super cleaning.  I tried out their soothing bottom wash and absolutely love it!  Again, it is organic and there are no harsh chemicals in it, and it smells amazing!  I just give a little spritz, wipe, and baby is super clean!  Also, if you use cloth wipes, this would make a great wipe solution!
  • Graco pack n play “cuddle cove”.  So we got a Graco pack n play play yard, and it came with the removable “cuddle cove” seat on top.  The cuddle cove seat rocks and vibrates and is so handy because you can easily carry it around the house.  In month 1 and 2 of Avary’s life, she did not want to sleep anywhere except on me or right next to me.  However, we started putting her in the cuddle cove with the vibration on and she absolutely loved it!  We would swaddle her up, turn it on, rock her back and forth, and she would fall asleep!  We would use it downstairs for naptimes so we could keep her close.  I do not believe it is recommended for overnight, unsupervised sleeping.  It was so helpful to me, as well, when Matt had to go back to work.  I would put her in it when I had to shower or go to the bathroom, and she would be perfectly content!  I love that it was included in the pack n play purchase, and we didn’t have to buy something extra.  She stopped fitting in it around 3 months old.

Those were my favorites for Avary while she was 2 months old!  Every baby is different so what works with one, will not always work with another.  I would love to hear what your favorites were for your babe at 2 months.  Let me know in the comments!

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