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Stop Chasing Your Dreams & Start Living Them

Have you ever had a dream?  Like, some deep-rooted desire that found its way into your heart, and then into your head, and you just couldn’t stop thinking about it?  A dream that you daydreamed about, created scenerios for, and talked about regularly?  We often hear people say “chase your dreams,” and while that sounds encouraging, the reality is-“chasing our dreams” makes us believe we are never going to get to them.  Chasing our dreams seems a bit unattainable.  Because the truth is, many of us associate dreams with being outside reality-kind of like the dreams we have in our subconscious during sleep.  Dreams are big.  Monumental even.  And what we really need is to stop chasing our dreams, and start living them!

When I started Growing the Nest, I had been dreaming about it for over a year, and guys, it took me over a year to act on that dream!  And here I am with a little blog that I love and another dream-I want this blog to be a business!  I want to devote my time and energy to this little space, writing and creating content, because I want this to be my job!  I want me sharing my heart with you to be my job.  I also have been dreaming about starting a YouTube channel for as long as I have dreamed about this blog, and I still haven’t acted on that dream. . .

Have you ever looked at others who have successfully started their own business or launched their brand or built an empire and thought, “Wow, I wonder how they got there?!” or “Look how successful they’ve become!”  I have.  And the one resounding theme of success starts with LIVING your dream.

I have started reading Chip and Joanna Gaines’ book The Magnolia Story.  Since they first came on HGTV-just like most people-I was so intrigued to learn about where they came from and how their success unfolded.  Their book is so encouraging!  They just started doing what they loved, working with what they had, and living their dream.  And that dream led them to success after success.

I’m writing this mostly for myself; because, I’m tired of just chasing after my dreams.  I’m going to start living my dream, right here and right now, where I am at, and I’m going to watch it unfold.  There is no outline for success.  There is no designated path you have to take.  We all are on a different path and on a different journey to living our dreams out.

I just want to encourage you, if you have been dreaming about something, playing out your dream in your head, talking about it, JUST GO FOR IT!  I don’t think you will ever be disappointed for following a calling that has been placed in your life.  I believe God impresses dreams on our heart and calls us to different vocations for a reason.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.  If your dream seems wild and crazy, oh well!  Own that!  If your dream seems outside of your comfort zone, that’s okay-live in that!

If you have a dream, be purposeful and intentional in setting yourself up for success.  Examine what you want to come of your dream; have a purpose and direction in where you want to go.  Create a vision board with goals and milestones that you can reach and check off along the way.  Visualize yourself meeting these goals and succeeding.

Living a dream is never easy, especially at the start.  When we start living our dreams, it takes a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice.  We are starting from nothing trying to create something, so it is hard!  Dedicate time to your dreams, because that is the only way they will become a reality.

I often get caught up in comparing myself to just about everyone else. And truth be told, when I do this, I start to shut down and close off.  I stop doing the things I want to do because I am afraid it won’t be good enough or no one will care or it won’t compare to others.  But I just sell myself short when I do this.  I can’t live my dreams for everyone else’s approval, I have to live them for me-because I love them.  Remember, don’t compare your dream to someone else’s.  We are unique individuals, all with differing perspectives and experiences to offer.  Don’t compare the dream you are living to the life someone else is living, because you will be disappointed.  Comparison truly is the thief of joy.  There is a path and journey for you and your dreams to follow, and it won’t be the same as that other person.  Accept who you are and where you have come from; live in the truth that God gives you that are priceless to Him, create what makes you happy, find your niche, and live your big dreams out!

Don’t wait until you’re “ready,” start now!  Stop chasing your dreams, and start living them.


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